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World’s First Modular GPS Tracker Set to Burst Through Kickstarter Target
3G GPS tracker to Burst Through Kickstarter Target
Pod Launches World's First Customizable Modular GPS Tracker & Extends Connected Pet Technology To Tracking Virtually Everything
Pod, the world's smallest, lightest, fully-waterproof GPS Pet tracker, which has transformed animal tracking located on the world, has announced a breakthrough method for tracking: modularity.
Based on an awesome demand for customization of its trackers, they created Pod 3, which turns the fundamentals of tracking on their head by moving beyond a one-size-fit-all device. Pod is launching Pod 3 with a Kickstarter to enable pre-purchase.
A single-purpose unit is no longer enough. From our global work with pets, we learned people need multiple solutions in one tracker, said Sebastian Langton, Pod founder and CEO.
Modularity allows every user to obtain the necessary core features and then adapt their experience through additional modules. Each module delivers a new new capability and these capabilities make Pod 3 the only tracker in the world that can be easily and inexpensively to protect a range of valuable things.
Pod 3 has all of system and app-based features of the previous versions, which include real-time GPS location, safe zone and escape alerts settings, and activity monitoring. Modularity builds on this industry-leading platform with the following features:
Sound Adds another layer of safety with requirements module. It creates a 90dB beep audible from over 30 meters away and, among other things, assists in short-range location and behavior.
Ultrasonic Activates a discreet high frequency sound wave which can only beheard by animals & pests. Characteristic can do furniture from bird control on the boat to bark suppression training.
Light Super charged LEDs can be set to fixed or flashing to be a night-time tracking aid, safety feature, area illumination and theft deterrent.
PowerDock Provides continuous power at your Pod by wiring up to an external USB or battery power source. This module allows for continuous tracking of assets well beyond any limits currently available to trackers.
XL Battery The XL Battery module delivers increased power capacity to only two weeks.
The original story behind Pod featured in headlines world-wide. A little more than 2 ago, Sebastian Langton lost his friend in the world, Rango, who he called possibly the coolest cat on the planet and his companion through many excursions. After going through the pain of losing Rango, Seb was determined to are able to prevent other canine owners from going through the same pain and Pod was born.
This journey has seen Pod experience 300% year-over-year growth, been sold more or less anywhere online and through four major pet retailers, and partner with major Hollywood movies.
About Pod
Pod is a real-time GPS device, specifically designed to and locate your cat or dog anywhere in globe. It is simple to use, ultra-light, waterproof and developed to withstand the toughest of pet adventures. Now you never have to worry about losing your best friend again.
Pod has been engineered to work as the smallest & lightest real-time GPS pet tracker in earth. Its unique barrel design has been created to be as comfortable in your animal as possible and our custom strapping mechanism allows your Pod to fit collars of all shapes and general sizes.
Unlike other trackers on the market, each Pod comes with two interchangeable batteries so you never need to remove the unit from your animal's collar or you be worried about downtime while lightweight charging.
Pod is full of technology and held by the Pod application tracking service and website, which allows you to interact with your unit by setting custom safe zones, monitoring activity and much a lot.
Real-time location
Perimeter alerts
Activity tracking
Fully waterproof
Interchangeable batteries
Pod uses Vodafone and its partner networks from around the world to provide the communication between the Pod and the app.

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